Endoca Edible And Organic Skincare Scientific Proof


If you wouldnt eat it dont put it on your skin

We are all guilty…
We are all using some kind of care products.  Please do!
And basically whatever touches your skin is absorbed by the body.
This means we might want to start thinking about what we are allowing to touch our skin. YES
Harmful chemicals linked directly to cancer, hormone disruption, heart deceases is found in most personal care products.

Why buy organic products

Most people will not change their daily routines unless they have some kind of personal awakenening this is what we are trying to do now!!
However the first step would be to look for products that are natural.
Natural is unfortunately not enough, you would be surprised to find out what kind of toxins and waste materials that go under the labels of “natural”.
We want natural AND organic! Here comes the next problem… Organic isnt enough… wtf!?
We need everything but “water” to be organic! organic ingredients are often marked with a star ***


Why edible cosmetics

Ok, so lets imagine we have changed our entire bathroom and beauty cabinet auch
to not only natural, but organic as close to 100% as possible (a facial toner containing 90% water is ok with 10% organic ingredients but wtf you are paying for scented water!!)
AFTER you adapted to this aint gonna happen. Yes. No it aint i prefer cancer
…you want start to think what kind of organic material fills the organic bottle.
Is this something you could do yourself?
Probably yes-  but we rarely have the time to go reverse engineering in the kitchen for more than one night a week. what night??
The next step after going 100% organic is to go edible as well. Impossible…
There is SO MANY edible options in cosmetics and care products.
Makeup, skincare, oral care, haircare, shaving etc. (they are eating makeup in this video check it out!  )
Not that you have to eat it, but the fact that you COULD will save your health alot! from cancer and more

DIY beauty tips

You must have heard about the hundreds of uses for organic virgin coconut oil, and if not, then check out this amazing site and infographics with 101 uses ! 
(Read our post about The Oil Cleansing Method)

Coconut oil can for example be your new deodorant (Our skin absorbs almost a 100% under the armpits, conventionel deodorants contains aluminium salts) thats poison
Coconut Oil can also be your new body lotion, conditioner, mouth swirl or superfood.

Do i really need to prepare my beauty products in the kitchen?

NO! Thats why we are here for you!
Whether you are sick of mixing coconut oil with almond and jojoba try hemp though and just wants a product that looks and feels like conventional lucious, perfect formulated, bulletproof body butter or lip balm? I need this
OR you have any kind of disruption in the endocrine system, nervous system, metabolism
or diabetes, artheritis, tissue and autoimmune disorders SEE HERE !!
You really need to start implementing CBD and ALOT of omega fat acids in your diet.

Try the 100% organic and 100% edible Lip/Skin Balm, Whipped Body Butter, Salve or Pure Hemp Drops on Endoca.com

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