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Why Whipped Body Butter is a lifesaver for everyone !

Why should i spend so much money on one product? unless im sick
You dont necessary have to! Become insipred and DO IT YOURSELF !
Our mix of ingredients is 100% edible and 100% organic. We handmake each batch and fill them with love. Mix your own or buy from nomatter what, you aint going back!

The uses are endless;

Normal body lotion? check √

Extra mosture and caregiver for dry skin? check √

Broken skin? check √

Premature skin? check √

Baby skin?? check √

But what about more severe troubles like eczema o
r psoriasis? CHECK √ CHECK√
The results of research in CBD and skin deceases the results are overwhelming!
Just have a look say here, here or here! or here.. I could really just keep going..

Back on track
Lets say we have somebody with an autoimmune decease where the tissue of the body is severely breaking down. Would the whipped king help??
Besides the amazing and edible ingredients like coconut oil (check out THAT research especially no. 4 halleluja!) shea butter, beeswax, vitamin e and vanilla the cbd it self will impact (read: Fill up) your ECS (which you already are familiar with from reading about the ezcema and psoriasis right? no . Ok well here then..


The very wonderful thing is that when we optimize the ECS we actually optimize the entire endocrine system.
Now we are getting somewhere huh!
The endocrine system has the effect of controlling the hormone production, which means almost eeeevery little signal in the body – everything!
Am i happy, sad, awake, do i need to sleep, eat etc. basically our hormones are the messengers of our bodies.
Trust me, you do NOT wanna mess with the messengers of your body!
70 % of our immun system  is located in the digestive areas, which means if your endocrine system is erupted and you dont eat right. You are basically fucked up open to ALL kinds of deceases. Especially cancer, irritabel bowel syndrome, MS, fibromyali, Diabetes etc etc etc.
Just eat your veggies ok? Grow some hemp and juice it raw..
Boost your body with extras cbd to cope with this polluted world.

Go to to buy the Whipped Body Butter KING or make your own!
do you have any testimonials about CBD and your skin? Let us know !



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