“Indulge in this $$ body treatment and lose inches NOW!”

You have probably heard it before.. About 200 times right?
We will guide you through the process and give you the best recipe to start wrapping and detoxing, tighten skin and lose inches at home.
-Dont forget to drink plenty of water!

The market is full of detoxing wrap-kits promoting weight loss and cellulite removal.
A professional treatment can easily cost you 300$ and unless you keep the work up, you will find yourself back where you started in the first place.


Why even wrap in the first place?

The reason why, has got very little to do with the wrapping itself.
The most crucial thing in the treatment are the ingredients.
In store-bought, conventional wrap-kits these are often synthetic, and diluted as much as possible, in order to keep the product cost efficient. For the manufacturer of course!
What we want is fresh, organic and strong ingredients that do not interfere with the natural balance of our body. And makes us sick
The wrap is used to trap these ingredients, and push them deep into in the skin.
By blocking air we force the molecules to keep working internally, activating the biological detox process in the areas we wish to improve.

But first we peel the area to remove dirt, excess skin cells and create an open pathway through the pores.
Gently massaging the area afterwards with a beneficial moisturizer will increase the effect of the peel, the ingredients and the wrap. A perfect way to finish the treatment. (WHIPPED BODY BUTTER IS THE BEST!)


What really happens – and why you can do it at home!

Our skin consists of three layers; epidermis, dermis and the hypodermis. The majority of our fat tissue cells are present in the hypodermis. Most of the fat tissue is connected to a living cell. The cell absorbs nourishment and excretes the waste afterwards. However, a lot of toxins and unconnected fat tissue builds up outside the cells. We want the cells to absorb this so it can be excreted out of our systems. We push the ingredients into the skin, turn up the temperature, and expel the waste. This is why Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) is crucial because it can penetrate ALL three skin layers. Adding CBD drops or paste will help increase the biological process.

  • Peeling Activates the bloodstream (starts detoxing) and allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin.
  • Ingredients boost and further activate the biological processes of cell detox and increase the bloodstream and blood flow.
  • Waterproof/Airtight wrapping– To lock and seal the ingredients into the skin, prevent exposure to air.
  • Cotton Bandages -Only for cellulite!- For extra skin toning and tightening (who doesn’t need that)
  • SWEAT– By turning the body heat up we quicken and intensify the detox process!
    Moisturizing- With a rich product full of fatty omega acids, massaged thoroughly in

This is what you will get in most detox-wrap kits with synthetic and diluted ingredients. Our beauty expert has shared the best tips and professionel advice to create a DIY recipe thats not only organic, clean but really works!

What you will need


  • A DIY Body Peeling
    We use Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) mixed with granulates like sea salt or cane sugar, coffee grounds,  nuts/seed grounds, kernel powder etc.
  • Detox ingredients
    We use Bentonite Clay and HSO, Seaweed powder or Green algae, mixed with Apple cider vinegar (AVC), Green tea, Horse Chestnut (Aesculaforce Forte), Butcher’s broom or other herbs/ essential oils We also add CBD paste or drops
  • Biodegradable wrapping
    We use these
  • Cotton bandages (optional)
    We use pins to hold it all together! If your primarily focus isn’t on tightness or cellulite just skip this part.
  • A Robe, blanket, towels and perhaps a bedcover
    We like to create a “safe” place to relax
    A good book or tv series
    It’s important that you really try to relax! Don’t start working or doing something that takes too much concentration.
    Plenty of water!
    To Drink! We are flushing out those old toxins

How To:

Start out by peeling the area for improvement.
Mix your base the Bentonite Clay and HSO (Detox) or Seaweed Power / Green Algae (Detox and cellulitis extinguisher) with either AVC or Green Tea.
You want a creamy texture on the liquidy side. The Clay needs more liquid than the others
Add different boosters like Horse Chestnut (Aesculaforce Forte) or Butcher’s broom. Give it a last stir and you are set.
You can use fingers or a large soft brush to distribute the mixture.
Start from the bottom!
If you are doing legs or arms, always finish wrapping, before you apply mixture somewhere else.
Drink Water and set the time for one hour.


What not to do


  • Do not try this with the wrong ingredients. It will not have the same remarkable results, so don’t waste your time!
  • Do not think of this as a quick afternoon project. you will not be able to cook for the kids and do any exercise while you’re wearing the wrap! Prepare well and you will be impressed.Do not try this with synthetic og even not-organic ingredients. We do NOT want pesticide residues to pushed into our system.
  • Do not attempt to wrap your entire body all at once.
  • Do not wrap too tightly!! Let that blood flow freely!
  • Do not expect a new permanent body contour after two treatments. Consistency is key!

What to do

  • Do measure yourself on a normal day
  • Do mix larger batches of the detox oil, store in cold and dark place in an airtight container.
  • Do unwrap yourself in the shower. Keep a garbage bag at hand.
  • Do use a bath tub for full body wraps or cover a resting area in advance( and maybe get the help of a nice friend!) convince a friend to do it @THEIR place
  • Do start gently and wrap just one area in the beginning.
  • Do watch videos on youtube of professionals to get an idea of how it’s done.
  • Do keep giving yourself treatments 1 or 2 times a week. While you exercise and eat healthy!

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