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Endoca Edible And Organic Skincare Scientific Proof


If you wouldnt eat it dont put it on your skin

We are all guilty…
We are all using some kind of care products.  Please do!
And basically whatever touches your skin is absorbed by the body.
This means we might want to start thinking about what we are allowing to touch our skin. YES
Harmful chemicals linked directly to cancer, hormone disruption, heart deceases is found in most personal care products.



Why Whipped Body Butter is a lifesaver for everyone !

Why should i spend so much money on one product? unless im sick
You dont necessary have to! Become insipred and DO IT YOURSELF !
Our mix of ingredients is 100% edible and 100% organic. We handmake each batch and fill them with love. Mix your own or buy from endoca.com nomatter what, you aint going back!